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33 Years is a full service video production company looking to tell your stories through cinematic storytelling.  Our passion is to further God's Kingdom, one story at a time.  We excel in Narrative, and Documentary filmmaking and have experience in Commercial video as well.


Benjamin S. Hunter

Creative Director 
Ben has been fascinated by movies since he saw "Star Wars" as a kid.  The world created in a Galaxy Far Far away drew him into making his own films.  He enjoyed making home movies with good friends on the family DV Camera, but never thought they would turn into anything.  That all changed when God gave him the vision for a "Christian production company" in Colorado.  Ben was both ecstatic and terrified by the idea of making Narrative feature films and Documentaries, but God has led him every step of the way.  Ben's Films have won Best Cinematography, Best Short Story, Best Editing and Best Production Design.

Charise Hunter
Executive Producer

Charise has loved movies since taking her Film History class in college.  She is now married to Ben and has joined him in running the company behind the scenes; keeping everything organized and running smoothly.  She is also our Set Mom, always keeping us in check with work/life balance!

Links About Us

Meet Benjamin Hunter | Writer, Director & Producer

January 24, 2023 Local Stories

We had the good fortune of connecting with Benjamin Hunter and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Benjamin, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
I wanted to create my own original stories, both documentaries and narrative films. The other part was I also wanted to tell stories that everyone could enjoy. We live in an age with a lot of moral and creative freedom in the media we consume. I wanted to tell stories that align with my beliefs and that I would be comfortable showing my kids.

It was also driven by my faith as a Christian and seeing a lack of accurate Christian stories in Hollywood. 33 Years will tell honest stories about real life that inspires others and narrative stories that lead to important conversations. The most recent story we produced is called True North.  Hear is the log line: When John discovers that his dad is bailing on a backpacking trip they have planned for months, his emotions lead him astray and test his survival skills.  The moral lesson of the story is family is more important than an heirloom....

Meet the Filmmaker: Benjamin Hunter, “True North”

Posted on September 14, 2022 by efpdenver

EFP: Why did you become a filmmaker?

BH: To tell great stories and to connect with people on life events that we can all relate to.  Movies are so engrained in our view of the world and its a great way to bring light to a life skill or experience that someone had.  The second answer is Star Wars got me interested in how to make my own special effects and led me to make my first film.  The rest as they say is history.

EFP: What are we going to see at the EFP? Has it screened elsewhere and what are your plans for it?

BH: True North is a Boy Scout Short film about a young man who is very sure of himself, until he gives away his compass, his map, his water pump and gets lost on a backpacking trip.  Its also a father and son relationship story and how to navigate being adopted and losing a parent.....


Official Selection - Denver Silent Film
Best Actress - Great Lakes Christian Fil
Winner-Best Editing - Cinefest Film Fest
Special Mention - Global Shorts - 2022_V2.png
Nominee Best Cinematography - LA Webfest
Winner-Best Production Design - Cinefest Film Festival - 2016.png

Front Range Film Festival 2023

True North (2022)

Winner in:

Best Short Story

Nederland Film Festival 2022

True North (2022)

Winner in:

Best Cinematography

Global Shorts Film Festival 2022

True North (2022)

Special Mention in:

Best Short Film

Seedlings Film Festival 2022

True North (2022)

Grand Junction Film Festival 2022

True North (2022)

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival 2019

Pure Joy (2018)

Winner in:

Best Actress in a Student Short (Alaina Garland)

Nominations in:

Best Special Effects in a Student Short

Best Experimental in a Student Short

Best Writer in a Student Short

Best Director in a Student Short

Best Producer in a Student Short

Best Lighting in a Student Short

 Best Sound in a Student Short.

LA Webfest 2018

Terrible Encounters of the Tender Kind (2017)

Nominations in:

Best Cinematography

Moonwalk Film Festival 2016

Official Selection:

Creativity in Flight (2016)

Cinefest Film Festival 2016

Call of Dreams (2016)

Winner in:

Best Editing

Best Production Design

Denver Silent Film Festival 2016

Official Selection:

Creativity In Flight (2016)

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